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Over 10 years of experience working with property management companies throughout Cobb, Cherokee, Pickens, Gilmer, and Fannin Counties for all their HVAC needs. AC & Heating will be one less thing to worry about in your daily operation.

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Property Management HVAC Services

Are you a Property Owner or Property Manager and looking for dependable AC & Heating Services? Dealing with long-term rental properties and need a go-to company for all of your heating and cooling repair and maintenance needs? Or maybe you manage short-term rentals or cabin rentals in the Georgia Mountains and you want to make sure you can handle those heating or cooling “emergencies” in the quickest time possible? If either of these apply then Dan Pearson Heating & Air is the company for you! We have been serving clients in the property management space for over 10 years. We want to help you to keep your clients and their guests happy?
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If you manage investment property in the North West Georgia area and depend on a steady stream of revenue for you and/or your clients then you know how important it is to work with only dependable vendors. Dan Pearson Heating & Air has the experience, knowledge, and desire to maintain a long-term working relationship with all of our clients.

Whether you have 2 units or 200, we can be your go-to company to provide HVAC services. We provide expert heating and cooling services to property management companies throughout Cobb, Cherokee, Pickens, Gilmer, and Fannin Counties.

HVAC Maintenance Contracts

Rental Property HVAC Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money & Customer Complaints!
We provide maintenance contracts for property management companies who wish to avoid emergency situations. A maintenance contract ensures that HVAC systems are being serviced by our heating & air experts on a regular basis. Dan Pearson Heating & Air will show up on the scheduled service dates and examine each system and provide preventative maintenance as required. Worn out or damaged parts will be replaced, and all of the work that is completed will be expertly documented. You receive a detailed report of the maintenance that has been performed. We are authorized dealers for numerous brand name air and heating systems. We have the experience and knowledge to keep things running smoothly. There is nothing like the security and cost savings of a Maintenance Contract. We offer Priority Service to all of our Commercial Customers!

Emergency Response & Repairs

When a cooling or heating system breaks down or begins to malfunction, people want immediate relief. Dan Pearson Heating & Air can respond to your HVAC emergency in a quick and efficient manner. Our technicians are on-call and drive company trucks with replacement parts readily available. The broken air conditioning or heating systems will be repaired quickly, and your clients and their tenants/guests will be happy with the service you have provided through us.
24-7 emergency response

Did you know 90% of all heating and air conditioning repairs are preventable through regular maintenance?

Properly Maintained Equipment: Functions More Efficiently, Lasts Longer, Prevents The Need For Unexpected, Costly Repairs, Assures You Of Maximum Safety and Saves You Money!

Preventative Maintenance Performed...

Install Clean Filters – 1 inch
Clean And Check Thermostat
Check All Safety Controls
Lubricate Moving Parts
Check And Adjust Burners
Check Temperature Rise Through Heat Exchanger
Check Belt And Adjust Tension
Check And Tighten Loose Signal Connections
Check Blower Wheel and Motor, Clean If Necessary
Check Evaporator Coil
Check Condenser Coil
Check Operating Pressure For Correct Refrigerant Charge
Check Temperature Drop Across Coil
Inspect And Clean Condenser Drain

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